Shoulder and Elbow Fractures in Athletes

  • M. Burnier
  • J. D. Barlow
  • J. Sanchez-SoteloEmail author
Injuries in Overhead Athletes (J Dines and C Camp, section editors)
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Purpose of Review

The purposes of this review are to discuss the management of shoulder and elbow fractures in athletes to optimize the return to sport and to highlight treatment impact on the return to play.

Recent findings

Fractures of the shoulder and elbow can have profound implications in an athlete career. Recent technique of fractures management trended toward to preserve soft tissue which is critical for an early recovery in athletic population. Arthroscopy presents a strong interest for the treatment of intra-articular fracture, and minimally invasive approach as developed in humeral shaft fracture can be considered to avoid soft tissue damage.


Non-articular, stable, and minimally displaced fractures are mainly treated conservatively. However, we encourage a more aggressive approach in shoulder and elbow injuries in the athletes including minimally invasive and stable fixation to preserve vascularity and muscle environment.


Athlete fracture Clavicle fracture Glenoid fracture Mid-shaft humeral fracture Scapula fracture 


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Joaquin Sanchez-Sotelo is a consultant for Stryker.

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