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Contemporary management of femoral neck fractures: the young and the old

  • David A. Forsh
  • Tania A. FergusonEmail author
Trauma (MJ Gardner, Section Editor)


The optimal management strategy for femoral neck fractures remains highly debated. The femoral neck is intracapsular and the vascular supply is fragile. Furthermore, the curvature of the proximal femur results in high mechanical stresses through the femoral neck. Poor outcomes of nonunion and avascular necrosis (AVN) are common. This chapter reviews the current evidence with respect to the treatment principles of femoral neck fractures in two distinct patient populations: “young” and “old.” Contemporary controversies including surgical timing, choice of implant, arthroplasty options, nonoperative management, capsulotomy, and associated complications will be discussed.


Femoral neck fractures Physiologically young hip fracture Old hip fracture Contemporary hip fracture treatment Trauma 



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