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Anastomotic leak after oesophagectomy and stent implantation: a systematic review

  • A. N. Kanatas
  • A. Aldouri
  • J. D. HaydenEmail author


Anastomotic leaks following oesophageal cancer resection have a high mortality. Stents have an established position in the palliation of dysphagia due to malignancy and in treating malignant perforation or fistula. They are increasingly used for benign conditions such as spontaneous oesophageal perforation with encouraging results. In this systematic review we examine the available evidence and attempt to define the role of stents in the management of oesophageal anastomotic leaks after resection for cancer. It is evident from the review that plastic- and metal-covered stents are an effective strategy for the treatment of anastomotic leaks. Vigilance is required as complications such as stent migration and incomplete sealing are not uncommon. Further clinical studies with greater methodological rigor in terms of sample size and study design may confirm that stents have an important contribution to make in the management of oesophageal anastomotic leak.


Oesophagectomy Stent implantation Management of anastomotic leaks 


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  1. 1.Department of Upper GI and Minimally Invasive Surgery, St James’s HospitalSt James’s Institute of OncologyLeedsUK
  2. 2.Department of Oral and Maxillofacial SurgeryLeeds Dental InstituteLeedsUK

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