Analysis on application of swarm-based techniques in processing remote sensed data

  • Snehlata SheoranEmail author
  • Neetu Mittal
  • Alexander Gelbukh
Research Article


The remote sensed satellite images are big repository of information and provide the coverage of large areas. However, these images may not be able to describe the finer details of area being covered. Satellite Image optimization is the process of augmenting the components of an image for better and effective interpretations from satellite images. In order to obtain better visibility properties to fetch more information, various artificial intelligence techniques can be considered for the optimization process. Finding out the best technique for optimization is a challenging and time-consuming task [U1]. In this paper, applications of swarm-based artificial intelligence techniques such as ant colony optimization, particle swarm optimization, bat algorithm, artificial bee colony algorithm etc. are being analysed to process the remote sensed data. The detailed comparison with respect to classifier, utility, images considered, and observation are discussed. The comprehensive analysis revealed that particle swarm optimization is the most widely used technique. Further, various application areas such as land-use land-cover are discussed with possibilities of future research [U2].


Satellite images Artificial intelligence (AI) Swarm intelligence Image processing Remote sensing Optimization Change detection Classification Land-use land-cover Segmentation Particle swarm optimization (PSO) [U3] 



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