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DisChart: a new application for building and drawing discrimination diagrams using digitize method

  • Sinan Akıska
Research Article


DisChart was developed to draw discrimination diagrams (e.g., tectonic discrimination diagrams, rock classification diagrams or phase diagrams) that are used in many disciplines, especially in the geosciences and environmental sciences. Unlike other software programs that include drawing discrimination diagrams, with DisChart, it is not necessary to know the exact coordinate values of discrimination lines. By the help of this program, the sketch graphic file is digitized and all data is stored in a binary file. After digitizing, the x and y values of the points added to the program via the data-entry screen are plotted on the digitized diagram. The program has its own data-entry screen and is also compatible with MS Excel files. DisChart is free and was developed using Microsoft Visual Basic .NET programming language. Although DisChart is designed for geoscientists, it can also be used in environmental sciences, chemistry, physics, mathematics, geography, engineering, economics, etc.


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The author wishes to thank Hassan A. Babaie (Editor-in-Chief) and three reviewers (John S. Armstrong-Altrin and two anonymous reviewers) for their valuable comments and suggestions to improve the manuscript. Elif Akıska and Elaine Ambrose are thanked for proofreading and editing of the manuscript.


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  1. 1.Mühendislik Fakültesi, Jeoloji Mühendisliği BölümüAnkara ÜniversitesiTandoğanTurkey

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