Human Rights Under Siege

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Book Review Essay

Fragile Freedoms: The Global Struggle for Human Rightsedited by Steven Lecce, Neil MacArthur, and Arthur SchaferOxford: Oxford University Press, 2017

False Dawn: Protest, Democracy, and Violence in the New Middle Eastby Steven A. Cook Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017

Human Rights in China: A Social Practice in the Shadows of Authoritarianismby Eva Pils Medford, MA: Polity Press, 2018

Three recent books consider how the rise of authoritarianism impacts the preservation of human rights to an increasingly desperate degree. The 2016 U.S. presidential election was not the first encroachment on the liberal world order this decade. The tragic downturn of the Arab Spring after 2013, for instance, took many seasoned political observers by surprise. Almost simultaneously, China’s voice on domestic and international issues became unprecedently assertive, even aggressive. Additionally, the impact of the Trump administration’s human rights posture is increasingly spread outside U.S. borders...


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