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Law and Morality at War by Adil Ahmad Haque

Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2017
  • Shameer ModongalEmail author
Book Review

The morality and law of war are interconnected in dynamic ways, sometimes increasing the acceptability of the other while clashing at other times. Classical Indian texts such as Mahabharata indicate the moral philosophy of war that existed in ancient India; Caliph Abu Bakr gave advice to his army for retaining ethics and morality during wartime. In modern times, customary norms are considered significant sources of international law, while law ensures the institutionalization, safeguarding, and implementation of moral principles. Indeed, there is plenty of scholarly work analyzing either legal or moral aspects of the war. Adil Ahmad Haque bridges the gap between these two literatures in his book Law and Morality at War, offering his expertise in both legal and moral philosophies.

Haque adopts diverse approaches to principles of international law. While he defends some established legal principles (such as civilian immunity), for instance, he explains and clarifies some other ambiguous...


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  1. 1.Diplomacy and Disarmament, CIPOD, School of International StudiesJawaharlal Nehru UniversityNew DelhiIndia

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