Miryana Dimitrova, Julius Caesar’s Self-Created Image and Its Dramatic Afterlife, London: Bloomsbury, 2018, x + 236 pp., ISBN: 9781474245753, £85

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Even though the representations of Gaius Julius Caesar in the art and literature of all ages have been repeatedly subjected to critical scrutiny, Miryana Dimitrova’s Julius Caesar’s Self-Created Image and Its Dramatic Afterlife none the less manages to open up fresh perspectives on this frequently trodden topic, especially by virtue of the interpretive key and structure she adopts for her monograph. Rather than analysing one by one the dramatizations of Caesar which she has chosen to explore, she spreads the analyses of those works over three different chapters, tackling them each time with a different thematic concern in mind. The thematic strands that Dimitrova deals with in the literary works she examines emerge from a careful exploration of Caesar’s own writings which is characterized by a particular emphasis on the performative dimension of his description of himself and his actions.

The book is divided into an ‘Introduction’, four chapters and a ‘Conclusion’. In the Introduction,...


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