Bernhard Schirg, Die Ökonomie der Dichtung. Das Lobgedicht des Pietro Lazzaroni an den Borgia-Papst Alexander VI. (1497), Einleitung, Interpretation, kritische Erstedition und Kommentar (Noctes Neolatinae, 26), Hildesheim: Georg Olms Verlag, 2016, pp. 518, ISBN 978-3-487-15414-5, € 88

  • Theresa Rothfuß
Book Review

Bernhard Schirg uses his edition of the last, as well the longest, panegyrical poem by Pietro Lazzaroni, professor of rhetoric at the University of Pavia (d. before 1500), to illustrate a little-noticed but very important factor for commissioned poets who produced literary texts, and not only in the early modern period: time pressure.

Schirg’s publication, of more than 500 pages (85 of which are allotted to the Latin text), is based on his thesis submitted to the University of Göttingen. His introduction to the life and works of the virtually unknown Pietro Lazzaroni – who addressed his poems to different patrons and whose Latin style is notably obscure – is followed by an elaborate interpretation of the Carmen ad Alexandrum VI, which shows that it can be worthwhile to study even a text as remote and neglected as this one. What makes the poem of interest is its eventful historical context. It was written at the time when the relationship between the powerful Borgia and Sforza clans...


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