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In 2009 we initiated the annual workshop series entitled Mind Knowledge!, which is dedicated to topics at the interface of epistemology and philosophy of mind. The first workshop within this series was held at the University of Graz in October 2009 and focused on intentionality and related issues.

The papers collected in this issue were presented in an earlier form at this workshop. They can be divided into two sections: The first section includes articles which focus on the phenomenon of intentionality itself: Keith Lehrer’s keynote lecture about what intentionality is like, Dale Jacquette´s analysis of intentionality as a conceptually primitive relation and Guido Melchior’s investigation of how we can refer to our own mental states and those of others. The second section contains papers dedicated to intentionality and experiences: Johann C. Marek investigates the difference between expressing and describing experiences, Martina Fürst analyzes the content of intentional states involving phenomenal concepts of color-experiences and Nenad Miščević focuses on secondary qualities; in particular on a neo-Lockean, response-dependentist view on colors.

We are grateful to the Land Steiermark, the University of Graz and the Österreichische Forschungsgemeinschaft for financial support that made the workshop and this issue possible. Special thanks are due to all participants of the workshop who made it such a successful and stimulating event. Finally, for the opportunity to present the diversity of the presentations at the workshop “Intentionality” in Graz 2009, we wish to thank the editors of Acta Analytica and all those who contributed a paper.

Martina FÜRST


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