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John Searle in the Year 2010—Reviews

John R. Searle, Making the Social World, Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press 2010, 208 pp. ISBN 978-0-19-957691-3. D. Franken, A. Karakuş, J. G. Michel (eds.), John R. Searle. Thinking about the Real World, Frankfurt: Ontos Verlag 2010, 236 pp. ISBN 978-3-86838-096-5.
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I regard John Searle as one of the truly great philosophers of the last 50 years. He has developed J. L. Austin's sketch for a speech act theory into a systematic theory; he has within a naturalist framework created a specific nonreductionist theory of intentionality in which he has embedded his speech act theory; and he has used all this as a point of departure in creating a naturalist ontology of mind and social reality. Also, he has put forward a very interesting critique of the belief–desire model in the philosophy of action and rationality. I find it very odd that (if Wikipedia is correct) the series the Library of Living Philosophers seems not to be planning a volume for him.

Last year, Searle published a new book, Making the Social World(MS), in which he summarizes most of his philosophical views and enters a new area, political philosophy; the last chapter contains a defense of human rights. In December 2009, Searle gave “The 13th Münster Lectures on Philosophy” and...


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