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Review: Tobias Hansson Wahlberg, Objects in Time. Studies of Persistence in B-time (2009)

PhD thesis, Lund University, Department of Philosophy, ISBN 978-91-628-7972-3
  • Ingvar JohanssonEmail author

The primary topic of the Swedish dissertation under review (defended December 18, 2009) is, I quote, “not presentism versus the B-theory, but rather the conceptualization of persistence if the B-theory is adopted (p. 21).” The book consists of an introduction to the philosophy of time followed by six papers, five of which have already been published (two in this journal). All the papers as well as the introduction are very clear and well structured. It is a very good dissertation with many interesting points in relation to arguments in and around the B-theory of time.

In the first paper, “Endurance Per Se in B-time” (Metaphysica 2/2009), Tobias Hansson Wahlberg argues that some arguments that have been put forward in order to show that objects cannot possibly endure in B-time even if they remain intrinsically unchanged fail, and in the second, “The Problem(s) of Change Revisited” (dialectica2/2007), he claims that some other arguments against endurance in B-time begs the question....


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