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Being a Community and Being in Community

On Hans Bernhard Schmid’s study of we-intentionality
  • Ludger JansenEmail author

Hans Bernhard Schmid: Wir-Intentionalität. Kritik des ontologischen Individualismus und Rekonstruktion der Gemeinschaft, Alber: Freiburg im Breisgau/München 2005 (= Alber-Reihe Praktische Philosophie; 75), 485 Seiten, ISBN 3-495-48175-3, EUR 48,–.

There are not many books that discuss in depth both the true interpretation of Heidegger’s Daseinand the paradoxes of the prisoners’ dilemma. The study to be reviewed here is of this kind, and in this Hans Bernhard Schmid’s book on collective intentionality – or, as he calls it in the title, “we-intentionality” – is a truly remarkable work. In his “critique of the ontological individualism and reconstruction of community” (thus the programmatic subtitle), Schmid brings together discussions from quite different corners, thus bridging the gulfs that more than often yawn between different philosophical schools. One of these corners is the discussion in recent analytic philosophy on collective agency and collective intentionality that is...

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