Nathan Glazer vs. Oscar Lewis on the Culture of Poverty

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When I read the obituary of distinguished “public urban sociologist and outspoken intellectual” Nathan Glazer (1923–2019) in the New York Times,1 I wondered why it hardly mentioned his co-authorships and association with the late Dr. Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D-NY), a venerable scholar elected to the U.S. Senate in 1977. Less curious, given the Times’s social and political predilections, is its failure to mention Dr. Glazer’s affiliation with the pro free-market Manhattan Institute. It was at the Manhattan Institute that I first met the prolific Harvard professor, around the time that I served as the Regional Representative of the U.S. Secretary of Education for Federal Region II (1989-1991). I later met him again through the National Association of Scholars, of which I am a founding member. On each occasion, to my pleasant surprise, Glazer took the time to patiently answer questions I asked of him. Along with his courageous public positions and pathbreaking scholarship, Glazer was, by...

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