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  • Seth Forman

To the Editor:

I am writing to say that I find Jon K. Chang’s article “On Ethnic Cleansing and Revisionist Russian History” (Summer, 2019) very strongly argued, and boldly polemical (justifiably so). His research on Korean victims and perpetrators of ethnic cleansing is unparalleled in its depth and use of primary informants. His argument is that the older generation of Soviet scholars, claiming to deal with social history, has for various reasons (in my view, reluctance to compare Stalinism to Hitlerism) downplayed the role of racial discrimination and prejudice in Stalin's relocations, deportations, and genocidal actions. Chang's courage is an integral part of his research, since he is challenging the “Stockholm syndrome” that has affected some senior American scholars in their often too complacent examination of the processes behind Soviet ethnic cleansing. This article, like others by Chang, will provoke strong reactions, but, after due thought, I reckon the previous generation(s)...

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