Harvard Hoist on Its Own Petard?

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Over fifty years ago Daniel Patrick Moynihan, four term U.S. Senator, Ambassador, advisor to presidents, and, perhaps most importantly, distinguished Harvard professor, had some presciently dire warnings about the future. “That which was specifically forbidden by the Civil Rights Act is now explicitly (albeit covertly) required,” he wrote.

Moynihan refers, of course, to the efforts over the decades to establish in most American institutions, but universities in particular, a racial preference regime (sometimes called quotas) in which selected racial and ethnic groups are chosen in numbers reflecting their share of the general population. While quota advocacy has been ardently supported by those who consider themselves most advanced in their social thinking, Professor Moynihan observed that just the opposite was more likely true. “Let me be blunt,” said Moynihan. “If ethnic quotas are to be imposed on American universities and similarly quasi-public institutions, it is Jews who will be...

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