Strong Leadership: Mitch Daniels Shows the Way

  • Jane Clark

American higher education faces a wide range of difficulties. On the financial side, skyrocketing tuition and record levels of student debt combine to challenge the idea that college is a gateway to the middle-class. Many recent grads enter their job searches only to find that they are ill equipped to succeed in professional environments.1 Young professionals and employers agree that graduates are ill-equipped to thrive after school.2 From a cultural perspective, campuses are increasingly toxic. Instead of being places where rigorous discourse thrives and young people are exposed to a wide range of ideas and beliefs, colleges have become incubators of progressive thought. While academics, pundits, and politicians have devoted countless words to discussing the crisis in higher education and proposing solutions, there is one question that has simply not been asked enough: who is responsible?

Some explanations seek to push responsibility off campus. For example, one common narrative about...

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