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Scalia’s Sermon

Scalia Speaks: Reflections on Law, Faith, and Life Well Lived, Antonin Scalia, Christopher J. Scalia, Edward Whelan, Crown Forum, 2017, 432 pp., $17.93 hardbound.
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I come from a long line of lawyers—my father, mother, and uncle. Of my generation both my sister and brother-in-law are lawyers, and now—my son and his wife are lawyers. My mom did not practice so much as she was raising us kids, so my father kind of set the tone. He loved the law and talking about the law. Benjamin Samuel Asia was a bit of a genius (he went off to college at age 14), and an overwhelmingly generous and kind man. He thought of all people as being capable of good, and helped everyone where and when he could. He grew up in the Jewish community of Seattle, and while there might have been latent or overt antisemitism, I do not think it ever bothered him much. He just went along with his life, living it to the fullest, practicing in a small Jewish law firm in Seattle, and raising a family as best he could. He always seemed to have an amused smile on his face. His children and friends were devoted to him and his goodness.

It would seem that Justice Antonin Scalia had a...

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