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  • Seth Forman

To the Editor:

In the article "Homogenous: The Political Affiliations of Elite Liberal Arts College Faculty” appearing in the summer 2018 issue, Thomas Aquinas College was reported to have 33 faculty that were all registered Republican. The subsequent availability of newer data indicates the actual figures were 28 Republicans, six unaffiliated, six unregistered, and no Democrats. The author apologizes for this discrepancy.

Mitchell Langbert

Associate Professor of Business Management

Brooklyn College

To the Editor:

Thank you for publishing Bruce Bawer’s rip-roaring profile of David Horowitz (“Tilting at Academic Windmills,” Spring 2018). It brought back what I now regard as “fond” memories. For a year or two Horowitz stormed around Cal Berkeley, spreading propaganda, fomenting revolution, majoring in Saul Alinsky before it was fashionable. Just about everybody knew who David Horowitz was, and most of us figured out he was a die-hard Communist of the first order. He was also something of a prodigy in both politicking and creative writing. His first book, Student, masterfully distorted his years at Cal with dashing panache and breathtaking mendacity. I read it immediately, astonished, since I had lived through and observed much of the “history” he now reported with such bald audacity.

I didn’t know about his red-diaper upbringing until he gave us Radical Son. Its tragedies revealed a real human being, capable of love, charity, heartbreak, guilt, repentance, and moral courage. His parents and he inadvertently—and separately—got people killed. His marriage also bit the dust. After waking up to the real consequences of empty radicalism, hypocritical pacifism, vicious Black Pantherism, and disillusioning intellectualism, he has spent the last 40 years atoning.

Just as Babe Ruth and I together hit 714 career home runs, David Horowitz and I have produced a mighty body of work that has decimated the pretensions of the American/global left. And he’s not done yet. (That is, we’re not done yet).

Gary Hardaway

B.S. UC Berkeley, 1962

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