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Paul Loeb’s Campus Takeover

  • Mark ZunacEmail author

Complaints over campus indoctrination are often prompted by those customary features of campus life that (not unjustly) seem to present the university unhinged: speaker shoutdowns, protests, bias response teams, pronoun mandates, and the like. However, the focus on the sensational, the egregious, and the infantile tends to ignore the division between the scorched-earth schema of balaclava-wearing Antifa types and those who are finding it more efficacious to enact from within a much subtler radical social transformation. This strategy, alive and well within the university, recalls Antonio Gramsci’s “march through the institutions,” manifested in the Age of Trump by an intensified focus on party politics.

If it had not been already, it is now exceedingly clear that the academic Left remains more than ever firmly committed to creating citizens in its own image. As evidence, one need look no further than the Campus Election Engagement Project (CEEP), an organizing apparatus whose stated...

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