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Recalibrating Academic Bias

  • George YanceyEmail author

Whether political and/or religious academic bias exists is a question with important ramifications for our educational institutions. Those arguing for the presence of such bias contend that political conservatives and the highly religious in academia are marginalized and face discrimination.1 For them, this bias leads to the indoctrination of college students not exposed to ideas contrary to those promoted by political progressives.2 Others argue that such charges are the result of conservative attempts to silence political progressives.3 They assert that there is no real discrimination against political conservatives and the highly religious, but that those individuals have relatively less interest in academic pursuits.4

Evidence about the possible existence of academic bias seems contradictory. On the one hand, there are anecdotal instances of such bias,5 research indicating that social conservatives teach at lower-quality schools than their credentials warrant,6evidence that...


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