Trends in Organized Crime

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Withdrawal symptoms in the Golden Triangle: a drugs market in disarray

  • Klaus von Lampe

Transnational Institute

(Tom Kramer, Martin Jelsma & Tom Blickman)



Poppies and poverty: the sustainability of the decline

“Opium in Laos is not the big problem anymore in the sense of drug production; it is a problem because farmers can’t grow it anymore”.

The impact of the opium decline on farmers in Burma and Laos

In the past decade, international drug control has emphasised the eradication of illicit crops without first putting alternative livelihoods in place. Because of this, hundreds of thousands of peasants have been further impoverished and robbed of a life of dignity. In several key producing countries in Latin America and South and Southeast Asia, crop eradication and strictly implemented bans on cultivation have aggravated violent conflict rather than contributed to conflict resolution. The biggest burden of the opium decline in the Golden Triangle has, without any doubt, fallen on the poppy farmers.

Opium poppies...


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