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L’abécédaire de Raymond Aron, textes choisis par Dominique Schnapper et Fabrice Gardel

Paris: L’Observatoire, 2018, 240 pp. 19 euros. ISBN:979-1032905739
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L’abécédaire de Raymond Aron is Dominique Schnapper’s second compilation of writings by Raymond Aron, her father. Her first book, Power, Modernity, and Sociology: Selected Sociological Writings of Raymond Aron, published in 1988, was an anthology of Aron’s writings, some translated into English for the first time, dedicated to exploring his political sociology in some depth. Her second volume, however, co-edited with Fabrice Gardel, breaks rather sharply from academic convention by presenting Aron’s ideas in the form of an “abécédaire,” or an alphabet book of terms and concepts. This format encourages casual reading, as it allows readers to thumb through an alphabetized catalogue of Aron’s topics and browse a few illustrative or representative quotations at their leisure. An abécédairethus reaches for breadth rather than depth. Given the abbreviated treatment of the terms that the editors have assembled here, the book will be of little use to Aron scholars, but should be of more than...

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