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The Depersonalization of Medicine, and the Promises of Spiritual Care

  • Petra J. SprikEmail author
Symposium: Hostility to Hospitality


In this article, I discuss the main ideas, strengths and limitations of Hostility to Hospitality: Spirituality and Professional Socialization with Medicine, a book written by Michael J. Balboni and Tracy Balboni. I identify the key strength of this work as the in-depth, well-researched description of the relationship between medicine and religion/spirituality and its influence on the Western, healthcare system. I discuss the main points made by the authors and suggest this book as a must-read for anyone who wants to improve the ethos of the modern medical system. However, I also advise readers critically assess the clinical suggestions made in the book, recommending that chaplains be consulted to improve how the Balbonis' ideas are put into practice in the healthcare system.


Religion Spirituality Secular medicine Hostility to hospitality Chaplain Spiritual care 


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