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Charles Krauthammer, Things That Matter: Three Decades of Passions, Pastimes and Politics

New York: Crown Forum, 2014. 416 pp. $28.00. ISBN: 978-0385349178
  • Michael Platt
Book Review

Anthropologists go to faraway places and observe the people there; social scientists survey nearby people they seldom get to know; spies and detectives shadow persons while keeping to the dark. Novelists get to know persons, near and far, and in time as well, and then write about ones they have made up. A philosopher would know himself and thus all other mortals. Politicians observe fellow citizens and then do things to their lives; a statesman, observing fellows mostly near, but also far, might do some things mostly good at least for their posterity. Reporters report what persons have just done and said, and columnists comment on what reporters report.

The book under review is a collection of the weekly columns and occasional writings of the late Charles Krauthammer. They include some lofty pursuits (though few lofty books) but are mostly about political matters, thus more attentive to the just and the good than the true. Though I would like to respond to some, augmenting some and...

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