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Social Science and the Public Interest

Social Science and the Public Interest

Editorial: Remembering Dennis H. Wrong (1923–2018) and Fifty-Five Years of Society

Dennis Wrong’s passing on November 8, 2018 ( is a reminder of both the commitment he had to social science and the place of such commitment in the pages of Society during the last fifty-five years. He contributed to Society between 1964 and 2003, and he represented the honest broker in the science and politics of social life. I had the honor to know him when we were both fellows of the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in 1991–92. In reviewing his contributions to Society over four decades, his prescience on many matters of social importance is extraordinary. Consider the following:

In the November/December 1964 issue (only then the sixth issue published), he wrote a response to a critique of nonconformity and a defense of conformity made by Everett K. Wilson (1913–1999) who was then associate dean of the faculty at...


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