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The Splendid Legacy of Albert Camus

  • Juana Rosa Pita
Review Essay

Solitude & Solidarity. Edited by Catherine Camus with Marcelle Mahasela, trans. Joseph Laredo. (Zürich: Edition Olms, 2012), 206 pp. ISBN: 978–3283011888

La Postérité du Soleil. Text by Albert Camus, with photos by Henriette Grindat, amd Itinéraires by René Char. (Vevey: Editions de L’Air, 1986), 140 pp.

Algerian Chronicles by Albert Camus, edited by Alice Kaplan, trans. Arthur Goldhammer. (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2013), 224 pp. ISBN: 978–0674072589

“No one can die in peace if he has not done all he can to help others to live.” With these words, found in one of Albert Camus’s notebooks, Catherine Camus opens Solitude & Solidarity, an annotated photographic biography of her father on the centenary of his birth. Divided in four parts—Genesis, 1913–1936; Awakening and action, 1937–1945; Rebellion, 1946–1951; Solitude and solidarity, 1952–1960—it is a surprising album of pictures, reflections, letters, and fragments that, in the manner of a kaleidoscope, sheds new light on...

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