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James H. Nichols, Jr., Alexandre Kojève: Wisdom at the End of History

Rowman & Littlefield, Lanham, MD, 2007, 149 pp, $29.95, ISBN-10:0742527778; ISBN-13:978-0742527775
  • Bryan-Paul Frost
Book Review

Although Leo Strauss can largely be credited with first introducing Alexandre Kojève to an American academic audience in his book and debate with Kojève in On Tyranny, it is James H. Nichols, Jr., who can be thanked for giving us the first (abridged) English translation of Kojève’s Introduction to the Reading of Hegel, a book that established Kojève’s well-deserved reputation in France as one of the most original and influential thinkers of the twentieth century. Although an enormous amount of Kojève’s works have been published posthumously (some translated, some not), and although scholarship on Kojève continues to increase, the Introductionremains the essential starting point, if not foundation, of his philosophic system as a whole. Admittedly, Kojève has never been a household name among the pantheon of famous (and infamous) philosophers of the past century, known principally by scholars rather than the public at large—but all of this changed in 1989 when Francis Fukuyama borrowed...

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