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Jennifer S. Prough: Straight from the Heart: Gender, Intimacy, and the Cultural Production of Shōjo Manga

University of Hawai’i Press, Honolulu, Hawai’i, 2011, 192 pp, Hardcover, $58.00, ISBN: 978-0-8248-3457-9, $24.00, Paperback, ISBN: 978-0-8248-3528-6
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The Japanese publishing industry is the second largest in the world, after the United States, and it is dominated by the so-called “Big Three,” Kodansha, Shogakukan, and Shueisha. These publishing houses are far more diversified in their output than their Western counterparts. A single company such as Kodansha specializes in everything from literary fiction to scholarly monographs to newsstand periodicals to the global popular culture phenomenon called manga, the Japanese word for comics. There are also countless boutique presses competing in virtually every category. Yet there has been relatively little scholarship published in English about the field of Japanese publishing, surprising given its continuing resiliency and diversity, even as the country enters its second decade of economic malaise.

Thus it is with much excitement and delight that I received cultural anthropologist Jennifer S. Prough’s new book Straight from the Heart: Gender, Intimacy, and the Cultural Production of...

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