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Amy Kapczynski and Gaëlle Krikorian: Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property

Zone Books, Brooklyn, New York 2010, 664 pp, $24.95, Softcover, ISBN 978-1-890951-96-2
  • Nicholas J. Mitchell

In a global environment where information between individuals can be exchanged as easily as checking one’s cellphone, digital globalization has allowed developed nations to reach technological heights unimagined even as little as twenty years ago. However, a byproduct of this information revolution is the growth and propagation of domestic and international intellectual property regimes; the enforcement of which seems at times at odds with practical sense. From restricting the production and distribution of life saving medicine, to prohibiting a local farmer from recycling lawfully purchased seeds due to natural germination, the Access to Knowledge movement has moved to the forefront of geopolitics over the last twenty years to directly confront, what its activists believe, the growing inequalities in informational access and technological implementation.

In Access to Knowledge in the Age of Intellectual Property, Amy Kapczynski and Gaëlle Krikorian have compiled what could easily be...

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