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Electronic reprints of freelance works: New York times v. Tasini



Freelancers provide unique resources for publishers. Because of their special expertise, unique viewpoints, and even geographical location, they provide publishers with customized materials in disciplines and locations where the expense of full-time writers would not be justifiable. They will continue to be an important factor in the publishing industry.

Publishers will continue to write contracts that allow them to republish articles in all known and future formats. Problems still exist with articles published before 1995. Publishers will have to decide how they will respond to Tasini, whether that means some version of the PRC or deleting articles. It is hoped that a final agreement between authors and publishers, according to the decision of the Supreme Court, will result in minimum inconvenience to the research public.

New technology presents many challenges, as well as many opportunities, for freelance writers. As technology evolves, copyright law must ensure that writers’ incentives to create are nurtured and that they are fairly compensated for their work. Authors whose work creates value should share in the revenue and opportunities created by those technologies.


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