Giant Cell Tumour of Temporal Bone and Infratemporal Fossa: A Rare Case

  • Avani JainEmail author
  • Ishwar Singh
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Deepti Varshney
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Giant cell tumours (GCT) of the bone are uncommon primary bone neoplasms that occur mainly in the epiphysis of long bones. GCT of the skull is rarely encountered, particularly of the temporal bone. We report a rare case of giant cell tumour of the squamous portion of the temporal bone extending to the infratemporal fossa in a 38-year old male. The patient presented with progressive trismus, and swelling and pain in the right temporal region. The patient underwent excision of the mass by maxillary swing approach. The treatment of choice for GCT is complete surgical excision. Based on the location and extent of the GCT in the infratemporal fossa, several surgical approaches have been tried for its excision.


Giant cell tumour Temporal bone Trismus 




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