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Regional Odontodysplasia Affecting the Maxilla


Regional odontodysplasia (RO) is a rare dental anomaly of unknown etiology that can affect both deciduous and permanent dentition. RO is characterized by severe hypoplasia of enamel and dentin, and teeth affected are friable and more susceptible to caries and fractures. Most of the lesions occur in the anterior maxilla and correlation with clinical and radiographic features is essential to provide a correct diagnosis. The major criteria for diagnosis are predominantly based on radiography, which shows presence of large pulp chambers and a marked reduction in the radiopacity of enamel and dentin, making the distinction between these mineralized structures difficult. Early diagnosis is important to minimize future sequels and allow preventive or conservative treatment. The therapeutic approach of the RO should be based on the degree of severity of the anomaly and in the individual functional and aesthetic needs of each case. A classic case of RO affecting the maxilla is exemplified in this Sine Qua Non Radiology–Pathology article.

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  • Regional odontodysplasia
  • Ghost teeth
  • Primary dentition
  • Permanent dentition