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Hamartoma of the Oral Cavity with Ectopic Meningothelial Elements in Infants: A Rare Entity with Report of Two Cases


Choristomas and hamartomas within the oral cavity are relatively uncommon lesions and may present with diverse clinical and histopathological appearances. In this report, we describe two infant patients with hamartoma with ectopic meningothelial elements involving tongue and maxillary alveolar ridge. To the best of our knowledge, these are the first two cases in which a meningothelial proliferation has been identified in the oral cavity. Hamartoma with ectopic meningothelial elements is a rare condition that has been classically described occurring in the scalp. These lesions are characterized by bland round to spindle-shape cells that interdigitate through collagen bundles and express progesterone receptor and epithelial membrane antigen by immunohistochemistry supporting a meningothelial origin.

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