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Oncocytic Sialolipoma of Parotid Gland: Case Report and Literature Review

  • Komkrit RuangritchankulEmail author
  • Steve Connor
  • Richard Oakley
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Oncocytic sialolipoma is a very rare tumor of which only three cases have been reported. This entity is considered to be a variant of sialolipoma which harbours oncocytic nodules within a well-circumscribed lipomatous mass. We report a parotid mass in 73-year-old female that was difficult to diagnose in imaging and on biopsy. Ultrasonography and MRI demonstrated a mass with features thought to be consistent with lipoma. Twice needle core biopsies were performed. Both were indefinite for diagnosis. The first report favoured a lipoma and the second report suggested the lesion represented oncocytic hyperplasia or an oncocytoma. The microscopic examination of the excised surgical specimen demonstrated typical features of oncocytic sialolipoma, characterized by a predominately lipomatous component, sparse normal-appearing salivary gland tissue and multiple oncocytic nodules. This is the second case of oncocytic sialolipoma reported to occur in the parotid gland.


Oncocytic Sialolipoma Parotid 



We would like to express our gratitude to Dr. Ann Sandison for providing the pathologic figures and her valuable advices in all the time of gathering information and critical analysis as well as comments on the final manuscript.

Author Contributions

KR gathered information, reviewed literatures and wrote the manuscript. SC interpreted the imaging study and provided imaging pictures with their figure legends. RO performed the surgery and provided clinical information.


No funding was received.

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The authors have no conflicts of interest to declare.


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