Benign Fibro-Osseous Lesions of the Head and Neck

  • Brenda L. NelsonEmail author
  • Billy J. Phillips
Proceeding of the North American Society of Head and Neck Pathology Companion Meeting, March 17, 2019, National Harbor, MD


Benign fibro-osseous lesions (BFOLs) are a particularly challenging set of diagnoses for the pathologist. This diverse collection of diseases includes fibrous dysplasia, ossifying fibroma and cemento-osseous dysplasia. While all three conditions have similar microscopic presentations, their treatment and prognosis differ, demanding an accurate and definitive diagnosis. A practical and systematic approach considering the patient’s history, demographics, intraoperative presentation, and gross appearance with an emphasis on radiology and histology will be discussed.


Benign fibro-osseous lesion Fibrous dysplasia Ossifying fibroma Cemento-osseous dysplasia Radiology Intraoperative Histology Demographics 



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