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Carcinoma Cuniculatum of the Alveolar Mucosa: A Rare Variant of Squamous Cell Carcinoma

  • B. SivapathasundharamEmail author
  • B. Kavitha
  • V. M. Padmapriya
Sine qua non Clinicopathologic Correlation


Carcinoma cuniculatum is one of the variants of squamous cell carcinoma. It is significantly rare with an incidence rate < 1% compared to other histological variants of squamous cell carcinoma. Various etiologic factors implicated are trauma, HPV, chronic inflammation and alcohol consumption but real causative agent still remains unclear. Initially it resembles plantar wart which slowly progress to bulky exophytic mass in the sole of the foot, where cases have been reported first. In the oral cavity it presents clinically as an exophytic growth and slowly invades the jaw and destroys the underlying bone. Microscopically it exhibits as both exophytic and endophytic epithelial masses along with well differentiated and pronounced hyperkeratosis. Treatment includes surgical resection alone unlike other variants which are treated by radiation with or without chemotherapy. Here we present a case of carcinoma cuniculatum occurred in alveolar mucosa of a 47 years old female. It presented as an exophytic growth in mandibular alveolar region, with histological features consistent with carcinoma cuniculatum.


Cuniculatum Carcinoma Rare variant of squamous cell carcinoma 


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  • B. Kavitha
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  • V. M. Padmapriya
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