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My Journey into the World of Salivary Gland Sebaceous Neoplasms

  • Douglas R. Gnepp
North American Society of Head and Neck Pathology Companion Meeting, March 18, 2012, Vancouver, British Colombia


As part of this symposium honoring Leon Barnes, the authors were asked to present the case from which they learned the most. I chose a cystic sebaceous lymphadenoma (SL) as my case presentation. This paper presents this unusual case, as well as several additional sebaceous tumors that came across my desk the first few years I was in practice. These interesting cases led me to thoroughly review the literature on sebaceous tumors of the salivary glands, resulting in several publications, the largest series of sebaceous tumors published at this time as well as a careful review of all cases in the literature. The author will also review the current and previous literature on the five types of salivary gland sebaceous tumors: sebaceous adenoma, SL (and non-sebaceous lymphadenoma), sebaceous carcinoma, sebaceous lymphadenocarcinoma, and sebaceous differentiation in other types of salivary gland lesions.


Salivary gland Sebaceous Adenoma Lymphadenoma Carcinoma Lymphadenocarcinoma 


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