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Pattern of Comorbid Headache Among Children with Epilepsy Treated for Neurocysticercosis

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The present cross-sectional study was designed to describe the pattern of comorbid headache among children with epilepsy (CWE) secondary to neurocysticercosis (NCC). Children aged 6 to 14 y (n = 70) already diagnosed with neurocysticercosis on a minimum follow-up of six months were consecutively enroled in the study over a period of four months. Majority of them were boys [41 (58%)] with a mean (SD) age of 9.8 (3.2) y. Headache was reported by 24 (34.2%) children. Only one child among them qualified the diagnosis of migraine as per International Classification of Headache Disorders (ICHD)-3 criteria. The proportion of children with and without headache was comparable among those with active or inactive lesion [p = 0.21]; single or multiple lesions [p = 0.78]; and stages of NCC [p = 0.23]. The proportion of children with headache was similar irrespective of the activity and the number of NCC lesions. This alerts the pediatrician to evaluate the headache and consider migraine among CWE treated for NCC.

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This paper has been approved for short term studentship programme (STS 2019) sponsored by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) to promote research among undergraduate medical students. The author acknowledges the help of Dr. Manjeet Singh in data compilation.

Author information

The study was conceived by JSK. Data were collected by HB, RG, RR, MS, VKG under the supervision of JSK; and analyzed and interpreted by JSK. The article was drafted by RR and JSK. The final version was approved by all authors. JSK is the guarantor for this paper.

Correspondence to Jaya Shankar Kaushik.

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  • Primary headache
  • Migraine
  • Neurocysticercosis