A Child with Tuberculous Meningitis Complicated by Cortical Venous and Cerebral Sino-Venous Thrombosis

  • Sumeet R. Dhawan
  • Debajyoti Chatterjee
  • Bishan Dass Radotra
  • Pankaj C. VaidyaEmail author
  • Sameer Vyas
  • Naveen Sankhyan
  • Pratibha D. Singhi
Clinico Pathological Conference


Stroke is common in tuberculous meningitis. Stroke commonly affects the tubercular zone, comprising the anterior part of the thalamus, caudate and the internal capsule (anterior limb and genu). Stroke, in tuberculous meningitis is predominantly arterial ischemic stroke, and is due to infiltrative, proliferative or necrotizing arteritis. Rarely, aneurysm formation and mycotic aneurysms have also been described. The authors describe the clinical and autopsy findings of a 27-mo-old boy with tuberculous meningitis whose course was complicated by arterial and venous strokes, and nonresponse to adequate and appropriate antitubercular therapy.


TBM Chronic meningitis Recurrent stroke Meningeal tuberculosis Tubercular meningitis Arteritis, Meningo-vasculitis Vasculitis Paradoxical phenomenon 



SRD &, DC conceptualized and prepared the initial draft of the manuscript. SRD, PCV & PDS were involved in the patient care and the clinical data collection and compilation. DC & BDR performed the autopsy and collected and compiled the autopsy data. SV reviewed the radiological data. PCV, NS, BDR & PDS reviewed and revised the manuscript. All authors have approved the final draft of the manuscript as submitted. PCV will act as guarantor for this paper.

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