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Evaluation of Childhood Vaccine Refusal and Hesitancy Intentions in Turkey: Correspondence

  • Salvatore ChirumboloEmail author
  • Geir Bjørklund

To the Editor: A very recent paper by Topçu et al. published online in the Indian Journal of Pediatrics, addressed factors affecting the childhood vaccine refusal and hesitancy (CVRH) in Turkey. The authors concluded that beliefs such as “It may be dangerous for the children” and “Distrust the vaccines”, were retrieved as the most decisive factors in suggesting and encouraging CVRH [1].

Vaccine hesitancy has become a great concern also in several Western European countries, particularly in Italy [2]. One of the major fuel able to burst the outcry against compulsory vaccination and apparently justify vaccine-hesitant individuals, is Facebook, which together with further social networks, is expanding the debate fundamentally vianon experts’ opinions, the majority of which deals with vaccine unsafety and dangerousness [3]. Topçu et al. showed that about 33 parents as compared to 99 parents (33%) expressed vaccine refusal for one single (30.3%) or all (59.7%) the vaccines included in the...

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  1. 1.Council for Nutritional and Environmetal Medicine (CONEM)Mo i RanaNorway

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