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Correlation of Childhood Obesity and Related Insulin Resistance with Leptin and Retinol Binding Protein 4: Correspondence



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To the Editor: I read with interest the article on childhood obesity [1]. Current epidemic of obesity, change in blood parameters across all the age groups and rise of over-nutrition as new face of childhood morbidity make the study well-timed. Although a nice read, certain hiccoughs cannot be avoided while going through the article. For example, p value for cholesterol has been marked as significant (in Table 3) which, in fact, is not. Again, for C-reactive protein (CRP), the meaning of borderline significance, as mentioned in discussion, is not clear (p 0.075).

Secondly, inclusion of plasminogen activator inhibitor, resistin, IL 6 and TNF alpha in discussion does not fit as the present study did not deal with them.

Thirdly, as mentioned in conclusion, a ‘rise’ has never been documented in the study. In fact, it is beyond the purview of a cross sectional study. If such a comment deemed necessary for the article at all, the source needs to be mentioned.

A time when we are striving to be more accurate and authentic in documenting scientific data and write-ups, we need to be more cautious about what we write in scientific journals.


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    Thiruvengadam V, Amperayani S, Babu RP, Uppuluri R. Correlation of childhood obesity related insulin resistance with leptin and retinol binding protein 4. Indian J Pediatr. 2015;82:799–804.CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar

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