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, Volume 81, Issue 4, pp 423–423

Immunization in Practice - Clearing the Cobwebs: Author’s Reply


DOI: 10.1007/s12098-013-1108-6

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Dutta, A.K. Indian J Pediatr (2014) 81: 423. doi:10.1007/s12098-013-1108-6

To the Editor: I wish to congratulate Dr Chandra Mohan Kumar and Dr Preeti Sharma for reading the article in great details and pointing errors in the manuscript [1]. However I do not totally agree with their views on all points and condemning the article as misleading.

In the abstract there is no mention of MMR and why there is mention for Hib. In fact Hib is being given in more states (9) than MMR vaccine (4). MMR vaccine is not recommended in routine Govt of India vaccination schedule. GoI recommends only measles as second dose. Therefore in GoI schedule, MMR which has been mentioned should be omitted. MMR vaccine is being used with state funds in Delhi, Goa, Sikkim and Puducherry. [Personal communication, Deputy Commissioner Child Health GoI].

In scheduling of vaccination, it is well known that two or more live vaccines can be given on the same day and only when it cannot be given on the same day, an interval of 28 d should be adhered to. This point has been missed in the text and needs to be incorporated.

There has been a typographical error where one full column of 6 mo schedule with OPV 1st dose and Hep B 2nd dose is missing in IAP schedule which also needs correction. However in the text when hepatitis B is described, there is mention about the second dose of Hep-B.

In Rotavirus vaccine, no doses schedule has been mentioned and therefore the question of 2 vs. 3 doses does not arise and always the vaccine doses are given as per the guidelines of the manufacturer. Regarding maximum age for administering the last dose it has been mentioned as 32 wk. I do not find any difference between 32 wk and 8 mo. In the article of a general concept every detail of individual vaccine, especially the contra indications cannot be addressed and therefore in Rota vaccine, there is no mention of intussuception as contraindication.

The two typographical errors are regretted and require correction.

In the keywords again IPV is inactivated polio vaccine and PCV is pneumococcal conjugate vaccine which needs correction.

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