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Symptomatic Hypoglycemia Causing Brain Injury in a Term Breast Fed Newborn Following Early Discharge

  • Ashish Marwah
  • Geeta Gathwala
Clinical Brief


Cerebral metabolism and functioning depends upon an adequate blood glucose supply which provides for majority of the brain’s energy requirement. Studies from the past have shown that neonatal hypoglycemia is associated with acute and long term neurological sequelae. Early discharge without adequately established breast feeding may lead to feeding problems, post discharge hypoglycemia and its associated neurological complications. The authors describe one such case of an exclusively breast fed term newborn who presented on day 3 with symptomatic hypoglycemia and associated neurological injury.


Brain injury Hypoglycemia Newborn Early discharge 



A M and G G were both involved in making the diagnosis and management of the patient. A M researched the literature and prepared the manuscript. G G supervised the manuscript preparation and revised it for important intellectual content. The final manuscript was approved by all the authors.

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  1. 1.Neonatal services division, Department of PediatricsPt. B.D. Sharma, PGIMSRohtakIndia

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