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Meta-Analysis to Estimate the Correlation Coefficients Between Birthweight and Other Anthropometric Measurements at Birth

  • Eita GotoEmail author
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To pool the correlation coefficients between birthweight (BW) and other newborn anthropometric measurements at birth.


Meta-analysis, using a random-effects model. Any study, published in the English language, showing the correlation coefficients between BW and other anthropometric measurements of living neonates at birth was eligible. The Z- scores, transformed from the correlation coefficients were pooled, and afterwards they were back transformed to the pooled correlation coefficients.


The correlations of BW with (mid upper-) arm circumference (MUAC) and chest circumference (CHC) were frequently studied (n, 76 and 71; pooled correlation coefficient, 0.81 and 0.84; 95%CI, 0.78-0.84 and 0.82-0.86). The Z- scores of the pooled correlation coefficient between BW vs. CHC, the highest among the correlation coefficients of BW, was not substantially different from the Z- scores between BW vs. calf circumference (CC), thigh circumference (TC), MUAC, or abdominal circumference (AC) (p, 0.889, 0.351, 0.076, and 0.053, respectively), but the study numbers of CC, TC, or AC were remarkably low (n, 13, 19, and 6, respectively) compared with CHC or MUAC.


CHC and MUAC may be among the most promising candidates as the surrogates of BW, based on the study numbers, and the level of pooled correlation coefficients.


Birth weight Infant Newborn Chest circumference (Mid upper-) arm circumference 



EG is responsible for study design, data collection and analysis, and manuscript drafting.

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