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Neonatal cardiac interventions: An Indian perspective

Symposium on Advances in Cardiology-II


Palliative interventions in newborn have been performed ever since balloon atrial septostomy was started. The scope and potential of these interventions have been extended to therapeutic interventions and also to replace palliative surgeries. The advancements have happened over the last two decades mainly due to the advancements in cardiac anesthesia of the newborn and primarily due to available hardware improving. The outcomes of these interventions have also improved significantly. The advantage of neonatal interventions is especially relevant in developing countries where limited resources, cost of procedure (lower with reused consumables), lower morbidity due to shorter ICU stay work in favor of the patient. Not only have newborn interventions become well established in centers specializing in pediatric cardiac care, but also premature babies requiring interventions have become successful. This article focuses on the spectrum of neonatal interventions in a contemporary pediatric cardiac centre in India.

Key words

Congenital heart disease Cardiac interventions Angioplasty Stent deployment 


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  1. 1.Pediatric Cardiology & Congenital Cardiac Surgery UnitIndraprastha Apollo HospitalNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2.Sarita ViharNew DelhiIndia

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