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The effect of enhanced recovery program for patients undergoing partial laparoscopic hepatectomy of liver cancer

  • F. HeEmail author
  • X. Lin
  • F. Xie
  • Y. Huang
  • R. Yuan
Research Article



To analyze the results after the introduction of enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) protocols, a randomized study was performed to compare the outcomes of laparoscopic hepatectomy under ERAS or traditional care.


Patients undergoing laparoscopic hepatectomy from April 2014 to October 2014 were included and randomly divided into Control group (CG) and ERAS. Primary outcome was quality of life (QoL) and length of hospital stay (LOS). Secondary endpoints were percentage readmission, mortality, duration to first flatus, complications, hospital costs, conversions and blood loss.


Thirteen patients withdrew after randomization. Eighty-six patients completed the study, 48 ERAS and 38 CG. Postoperative LOS was significantly reduced in ERAS [6 (4–8) versus 10 (7–15) days, P = 0.04]. First flatus occurred earlier in ERAS than CG [2(1–4) versus 3(2–5) days, P = 0.02]. The average perioperative charges were 9470 ± 1540 in CG and only 7742 ± 1200 in ERAS (P = 0.03), with no differences in readmission rate, blood loss, conversions to open surgery, mortality or surgical complications. The median AUC (area under a curve) of QoL was considerably improved in ERAS (P = 0.04).


This study suggests that ERAS is feasible and safe for laparoscopic hepatectomy.


Enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) Laparoscopy Hepatectomy Quality of life 



The authors thank the patients who agreed to participate in the study and the surgeons, anesthetists, statistician and nurses who helped to implement the protocol.

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