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SEOM clinical guidelines for the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer

  • Rocío García-Carbonero
  • M. Auxiliadora Gómez España
  • Enrique Casado Sáenz
  • Vicente Alonso Orduña
  • Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez
  • Javier Gallego Plazas
  • Pilar García Alfonso
  • Ignacio Juez Martel
  • Encarnación González Flores
  • María Lomas Garrido
  • Dolores Isla Casado
Clinical Guides in Oncology


Colorectal cancer is the first cause of cancer diagnosis in Spain. Over half of the patients are diagnosed with or will eventually develop distant metastasis. The current manuscript aims to provide synthetic practical guidelines for the therapeutic approaches in advanced disease. Available systemic therapeutic options, and integration and sequencing of chemotherapy with surgical procedures are discussed. Extent of disease, treatment objective, tumor kras mutation status, as well as patient’s functional and comorbid conditions shall be considered to properly design the most adequate therapeutic strategy.


Colorectal cancer Practice guidelines Chemotherapy Surgery 


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  • M. Auxiliadora Gómez España
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  • Enrique Casado Sáenz
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  • Vicente Alonso Orduña
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  • Andrés Cervantes Ruipérez
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  • Javier Gallego Plazas
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  • Pilar García Alfonso
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  • Ignacio Juez Martel
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  • Encarnación González Flores
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  • María Lomas Garrido
    • 11
  • Dolores Isla Casado
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  1. 1.Oncology DepartmentHospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío Instituto de Biomedicina de Sevilla (IBIS)SevillaSpain
  2. 2.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital Universitario Virgen del RocíoSevillaSpain
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  7. 7.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital General Universitario de ElcheElche, AlicanteSpain
  8. 8.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital General U. Gregorio MarañónMadridSpain
  9. 9.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital de FuenlabradaFuenlabrada, MadridSpain
  10. 10.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital Universitario Virgen de las NievesGranadaSpain
  11. 11.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital Médico QuirúrgicoJaénSpain
  12. 12.Servicio de Oncología MédicaHospital Clínico Universitario Lozano BlesaZaragozaSpain

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