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Comparative aspects of infectious salmon anemia virus, an orthomyxovirus of fish, to influenza viruses

  • Ragnhild Toennessen
  • Astrid Lauscher
  • Espen Rimstad
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Infectious salmon anaemia (ISA) is a viral disease that was first recorded in 1984 in farmed Atlantic salmon. The infectious salmon anaemia virus (ISAV) is classified as the type species of the genus Isavirus in the Orthomyxoviridae family and is evolutionary remote to the influenza viruses. The genome consists of eight negative single-stranded RNA segments, and it utilises the same mechanisms as influenza viruses to enter and exit cells. Although a common ancestor of ISAV and other genera of Orthomyxoviruses could be dated back several millions of years, there are still many similarities between ISAV and the influenza viruses regarding morphology, replication cycles and interactions with their respective hosts.


Salmon anemia virus Influenza virus Orthomyxovirus 


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  • Ragnhild Toennessen
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  • Astrid Lauscher
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  • Espen Rimstad
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