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, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 301–308 | Cite as

Periostin function in communication with extracellular matrices

  • Akira KudoEmail author
  • Isao Kii


Periostin is a secretory protein with a multi-domain structure, comprising an amino-terminal cysteine-rich EMI domain, four internal FAS 1 domains, and a carboxyl-terminal hydrophilic domain. These adjacent domains bind to extracellular matrix proteins (type I collagen, fibronectin, tenascin-C, and laminin γ2), and BMP-1 that catalyzes crosslinking of type I collagen, and proteoglycans, which play a role in cell adhesion. The binding sites on periostin have been demonstrated to contribute to the mechanical strength of connective tissues, enhancing intermolecular interactions in close proximity and their assembly into extracellular matrix architectures, where periostin plays further essential roles in physiological maintenance and pathological progression. Furthermore, periostin also binds to Notch 1 and CCN3, which have functions in maintenance of stemness, thus opening up a new field of periostin action.


Periostin ECM EMI FAS 1 Fibronectin Tenascin Collagen BMP-1 CCN3 



We thank K. Yoshikawa in Aqua Therapeutics Co. for providing information. This work was supported by the Project for Cancer Research and Therapeutic Evolution (P-CREATE) (IK) from the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED).


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